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Faculty-Led Trips 2022-2023: Accepting Applicants

Faculty-Directed Cross-Cultural Study trips are led by Lee University faculty and include additional academic credit besides the cross-cultural experience. They range from 4-9 credit hours and are offered over Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Sessions. Trips range in length from about 10 days to 3 weeks. The following trips are now open for applications:

Spring Break
Italy Spring Break Religion

Summer Session 1
Costa Rica Tropical Ecology and Conservation
England Scotland
New England American Ethnic Studies

Iceland and Flowers
Summer Session 2

Colombia Spanish
European Humanities for Health Professionals 

Click the link below for a list of scheduled trips for the 2022-2023 Academic Year. This list will be updated as more trips are scheduled:

Trips Scheduled

Group Cross-Cultural Study
Group Cross-Cultural Study provides one credit hour of cross-cultural study only. These trips fulfill the cross-cultural requirement but do not provide additional academic credit. For more information about Group Cross-Cultural Study, click here. The following trips are now open for applications:

Winter Break
Ecuador Winter Break - Far Flung Tin Can

Spring Break
Alaska Spring Break - Far Flung Tin Can
Ireland Spring Break

For information about applying for your own Individual Cross-Cultural Study trip, click here.