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COVID-19 Update

     As a part of the Lee University general core requirements, students must complete both elements (2 credit hours) of the Global Perspectives program in order to graduate. There are clear institutional guidelines approved by external accreditation agencies for how students may fulfill the Cross-Cultural Experience requirement. Lee University will maintain these guidelines and accreditation standards in the 2020-2021 academic year despite the addition of complications by the COVID-19 pandemic.  As with many other courses, the university administration is working to provide options for students to safely complete this requirement in the current environment.
  1. All students must complete Global Perspectives Seminar (LEEU-102A), a 6-week seminar that serves as a pre-departure orientation for the actual cross-cultural experience.
  2. All students must complete the Cross-Cultural Experience (GNST-250, 251, 252, or 253). To fulfill the requirement, students must complete and document 45 hours of pre-approved interaction with people of another culture.
The health and success of Lee University students is the top priority of the Global Perspectives Office, and we are offering the following options for students to fulfill their Cross-Cultural Experience Requirement…
  1. Faculty-Led Trips are trips facilitated by the university, which provide 4-9 credit hours relevant to the location of study. These trips have been predominantly international, but beginning in the winter of 2020 and continuing through 2021, we will be focused on providing additional domestic Global Perspectives Trips for students. You can find and apply for available trips here.
  2. An Individually Arranged Study is an opportunity for a student to research and design a cross-cultural experience that is more specific to their preferences and academic needs. The Global Perspectives Committee must approve all Individually Arranged cross-cultural experiences in advance in order to receive credit. There are deadlines throughout the year depending on when you plan to participate in your experience. If the possibility for a trip arises after the posted deadlines, please email the GP Office so we can assist you. The minimum requirements are 45 hours of interaction time over a period of 7 days not counting travel time.
  • Students can plan international trips or domestic trips that involve study of another distinct culture group. You can read more about IAS trips and apply here.
  • Students have the opportunity to complete their 45 hours of interaction with another culture by visiting a local church with members predominantly of another culture. Students will need to interact with individuals of another culture outside of scheduled services in order to complete personal interviews and case studies. There are churches that are currently meeting in Cleveland, TN with social distancing in place that will allow our students to attend safely during this pandemic. Many students are also completing this requirement by connecting with churches virtually. If there are zoom Bible studies or other activities where students can engage virtually instead of just observing, this is a good option. Students will need to be able to set up conversations with members of the conversation that they can complete over the phone or online to be able to complete your case studies. Contact the GP Office for more information. You can read more about the IAS Church Study option and apply here.
  1. Online Cross-Cultural Experiences use a variety of online resources to allow a student to study and interact with people of another culture. The Global Perspectives Office only provides this option to students in the following specific circumstances:
  • Students with a verified medical condition which requires them to remain completely isolated and avoid physical contact with others.
  • Students with an immediate family member with a verified medical condition which requires the student to remain completely isolated and avoid physical contact with others.
  • Students with a verified medical condition which requires them to stay in their home residence.
  • Students with medical-related care-taker responsibilities in their homes.
If you meet one of the above circumstances and would like to apply for an online cross-cultural experience, please begin by emailing the Global Perspectives office at
  1. Exemption is only available to students who have had significant cross-cultural life experiences prior to coming to Lee University. Students who believe they are eligible for Exemption should submit a Petition for Exception on the Global Perspectives website. Students may read about and apply for exemption here.