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As a part of the Lee University general core requirements, students must fulfill a minimum of two Global Perspectives credit hours in order to graduate:
GNST-200: Global Perspectives Seminar (1 credit hour) – GNST-200 is the required two-week seminar that serves as the prerequisite and pre-departure orientation for the actual cross-cultural experience. It involves three in-person class sessions and additional online modules. This course is taken directly prior to participating in the Cross-Cultural Experience (GNST-250, 251, 252, or 253).

GNST-250, 251, 252, or 253: Cross-Cultural Experience (1-3 credit hours) – This GNST course is the actual experience of interacting with another culture. This is not a class which meets throughout the semester or summer term but is the credit you receive for the actual cross-cultural experience, where you can earn 1-3 credit hours depending on the length and intensity of cultural interaction. This course may involve an international trip but may also be completed through domestic experiences, such as spending time with a Native American group or immigrant community, or a local church study at a church that differs significantly from your own culture and language.

This page will guide you through the steps that you will take in order to fulfill your cross-cultural requirement.

1). Investigate your options
Learn what a cross-cultural experience is. Check out the Global Perspectives website to explore the many options that we offer, including Faculty-Directed Cross-Cultural Study, Group Cross-Cultural Study, Individual Cross-Cultural Study, the UK Semester Abroad, and Collaborative Programs. Contact us for more information!
2). Ask yourself some questions
            - Do you want to travel internationally or stay in the US?
            - Do you want to take other classes while fulfilling the requirement?
            - What is your budget?
            - When do you want to complete this?
3.) Make a plan
Decide when you want to complete your cross-cultural experience. Many students do this during the summer, but there are options throughout the school year too, such as during Winter Break or Spring Break. Check our calendar for important deadlines! If you plan to travel internationally, make sure to apply for a passport well in advance of your trip.
4). Complete an application and the clearance requirements
Faculty-Directed Cross-Cultural Study and Group Cross-Cultural Study trips require an application, typically due in the fall semester. Faculty-Directed Cross-Cultural Study trips also require a deposit of $1,000. For Individual Cross-Cultural Study, you must submit a proposal. All of these applications are available on our website.
After you have been accepted on a Faculty-Directed Cross-Cultural Study, there are clearance requirements that you must complete before you leave on your trip. These include fully paying for the trip, completing paperwork, and being cleared by the Lee University Health Clinic, which involves having a physical on file, receiving required immunizations, etc.
5). Complete the Global Perspectives Pre-Departure Seminar*
Once your application has been approved, you will be enrolled in GNST-200, the Global Perspectives Seminar, which you will complete directly before your cross-cultural experience begins. This is a 1-credit course.
  • If you compete your cross-cultural experience in the fall semester, you will take GNST-200 in September, as part of the fall term.
  • If you compete your cross-cultural experience over Winter Break, you will take GNST-200 in November, as part of the fall term.
  • If you compete your cross-cultural experience in the spring semester, including Spring Break, you will take GNST-200 in February, as part of the spring term.
  • If you compete your cross-cultural experience over the summer, you will take GNST-200 in April, as part of the spring term.
  • If you will be away for a full semester for your cross-cultural experience (UK Semester Abroad or other off-campus semester-abroad), then you will take GNST-200 in the semester preceding your trip.
*If you have completed LEEU-102, then you have already fulfilled this requirement.
6). Complete the experience!
Now is the time to do it! You will be enrolled in GNST-250, GNST-251, GNST-252, or GNST-253 during the semester you compete your cross-cultural experience. You will complete assignments during the experience, like journals and case studies.
Note: Students who have had significant cross-cultural life experiences prior to coming to Lee (such as international students or students who have lived abroad 6+ months) may qualify for exemption from the cross-cultural requirement. Students must submit a petition for exception. These students must still complete GNST-200.