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Collaborative Programs

Lee University supports off-campus study programs that are sponsored by Christian groups and organizations. When students participate in these programs, they are registered for Lee courses and billed through Lee. For information about these programs and how to complete the Lee paperwork for approval, visit the links below or Contact Us.

Council for Christian Colleges and Universities:

Tokyo Christian University
CCCU GlobalEd

  • Australia Studies Centre
  • Costa Rica Latin American Studies Program
  • Los Angeles Film Studies Program*
  • Middle East Studies Program
  • Contemporary Music Center*
  • Northern Ireland Semester
  • Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford Semester
  • Uganda Studies Program
  • Washington, D.C. American Studies Program*

* Please note that programs with an asterisk do not provide Lee University cross-cultural credit due to being domestic programs

Other Opportunities:
Accès Study Abroad French Language Program
AuSable Institute
Atelier Neo Medici Art Program
Chez Vous French Language Program
LCC International University (Lithuania)
NYC Journalism Program *
Rome With Purpose - Check out the informational video: Rome With Purpose Promo
Tokyo Christian University, East Asia Institute
           Check out these informational videos: Student Testimonials
                                                                  General Information

The study programs listed above are not eligible for institutional scholarships and/or funded aid. Off-campus study programs that are directly sponsored by Lee University and led by Lee University faculty are the only study programs eligible for institutionally-funded aid. Federal aid or other non-university aid can be put towards the cost of these programs.