The Global Perspectives Office offers students numerous ways to fulfill the cross-cultural experience requirement, including both domestic and international options! Students should explore options to consider which is best for them. Please contact our office for more information about any of these or if you would like to set up a time to discuss them in person.

  • Faculty-Directed Cross-Cultural Study : These trips are led by Lee University faculty and include additional academic credit besides the cross-cultural experience. They range from 4-9 credit hours and are offered over Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Sessions. Trips range in length from about 10 days to 3 weeks. Financial aid is considered on an individual basis.
  • Group Cross-Cultural Study : These trips are for cross-cultural credit only (GNST-250) and do not include any other courses. These trips may be led by Lee University faculty or staff, or they may be with an approved outside organization. Trips with Lee University athletic teams or music ensembles fall under this category. These trips are not eligible for financial aid.
  • UK Semester Abroad : The UK Semester Study Abroad program is Lee University’s premiere cross-cultural experience. It is a full-semester program in the United Kingdom during which students take a full load of course and spend time exploring the UK! Our next UK Semester Abroad will be happening in Spring 2024.
  • Individual Cross-Cultural Study : Students have the option to research and design a cross-cultural study for themselves. This option can fulfill the cross-cultural requirement if the experience is designed to study a significantly different culture; it must be prepared for and intentionally undertaken with an academic goal in mind. Students can travel to any country of their choice, or they can design a domestic experience, such as spending time with a Native American group or immigrant community, or a local church study at a church that differs significantly from their own culture and language.
  • Collaborative Programs : Lee University supports off-campus study programs that are sponsored by various groups and organizations. When students participate in these programs, they are registered for Lee courses and billed through Lee.
If a student is interested in studying abroad at an institution that Lee does not have a collaborative agreement with, they should contact the Global Perspectives office for information about the process for non-collaborative programs.

  • Exemption : Students who have had significant cross-cultural life experiences prior to coming to Lee may qualify for exemption from the cross-cultural requirement. Students who wish to petition for an exception to the cross-cultural experience requirement must complete an application for consideration.

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