Students who wish to petition for an exception to the cross-cultural experience requirement must complete an application for consideration.

Students who have had significant cross-cultural life experiences prior to coming to Lee may qualify for exemption from the cross-cultural requirement.

There are clear institutional guidelines in place for students who may receive exemption from the cross-cultural requirement. These guidelines have been approved by external accreditation agencies. It would be both illegal and unethical to grant students academic course credit for experiences that do not fall within the parameters for exemption.

Documentation of experiences submitted for exemption will be reviewed by the Global Perspectives Committee, and exemption will be granted or denied on a case-by-case basis. The Global Perspectives Committee meets twice a semester after the deadlines listed on the petition. You will receive notification of the status of your petition no later than 14 days after the deadline.

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The Global Perspectives Committee considers only the following experiences to be justifications for exemption from the cross-cultural requirement:

  • Extensive overseas military service tours, at least 6 months in duration
  • Extensive missions work abroad, at least 6 months in duration
  • Being raised or living in a foreign country as a young adult for at least 24 months
  • Academic study in a college/university abroad, at least 6 months in duration
  • Having spent a minimum of one year as a foreign exchange student during high school

Please review the Process To Submit A Petition For Exception and then click on the appropriate link below to submit your petition. 

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