Step-by-Step Process for Individual Cross-Cultural Study

Step 1: Begin Planning Your Trip Well in Advance, Considering These Details:

  • The destination to which you plan to travel
  • The duration of the trip
  • When you will travel
  • Where you will stay (i.e. in a hotel, youth hostel, or host homes)
  • What types of one-on-one interactions you will have
  • What research you will need to do in order to prepare yourself to interact with the intended target culture
  • How the experience will be funded
  • Whether or not you speak the local language or if a translator will be available
  • What goals you hope to accomplish through this experience.

Step 2: Submit Application

  • Submit the application to the Global Perspectives Office through the Global Perspectives website by the deadline as specified on the website. Applications will not be accepted after this deadline!
  • Within one week following the deadline, the application will be submitted to the Global Perspectives Committee who votes whether or not to approve.
  • Notification of the Global Perspectives Committee’s decision will be forwarded via email from the Global Perspectives Office approximately 10 days after the deadline.
  • Approval will not be given for trips that take place during regularly scheduled semester classes.

Step 3: Complete GNST-200: The Global Perspectives Seminar

  • GNST-200 is the prerequisite for GNST-250: Individually Arranged Cross-Cultural Study. You will take this course directly before you complete your cross-cultural experience. GNST-200 is a one-credit hour course that takes two weeks to complete.
  • Cross-cultural experience credit cannot be awarded without successful completion of GNST-200.

Step 4: Register for GNST-250

  • GNST 250 will be added by the Global Perspectives Office to the class schedule for the semester during which the study is planned. Pay for the class and confirm your registration in order to receive credit.
  • You will be required to attend class meetings once your trip is approved. You will receive notification of the class times by email.
  • Specific instructions will be given as to how the Individually Arranged Study will be evaluated and graded.

Step 5: Complete a Cross-Cultural Experience

  • To receive credit, you must spend at minimum 45 hours over a period of no less than 7 days of one-on-one interaction with the intended culture.

Step 6: Submit Assignments

  • Submit completed daily reflection journal, 5 case studies with members of the target culture, and a Features of Culture worksheet by the assignment due date.
  • In order to receive course credit, you must show competency in reflecting on another culture and initiative in interacting with people of that culture.
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