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Getting Started
Lee University Faculty Members are encouraged to propose, develop, and lead trips that substantively integrate experiential learning in a cross-cultural environment. The courses included in the trip are designed to be academically rigorous, and include intercultural, professional, faith, and sometimes service learning outcomes. All faculty who desire to lead a Global Perspectives trip are required to obtain approval from their
Image for Propose Trip page Department Chair and their Dean, not only for the trip itself, but for the courses involved and other potential faculty instructors and/or chaperones.

Trip Directors are expected to be the driving force in developing their courses and trip itineraries, making travel and logistical arrangements, developing a budget, recruiting and advising potential student travelers, conducting pre-departure and on-site orientations for students, and collecting all necessary information and documents from participants. The staff of the Global Perspectives office are available to provide resources, answer questions, and work collaboratively with the Trip Directors through the entire program cycle.

Any faculty member interested in leading a Global Perspectives Trip should contact the Global Perspectives Office for detailed information about the process and how to submit a proposal.

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Global Perspectives trips provide a small group experience that allows students and faculty to build strong connections. These cross-cultural experiences allow faculty to enhance teaching, research and service, and can augment global competence which in turn can be passed on to students. While there are many benefits for students to complete a cross-cultural experience, students who choose to travel on a faculty directed trip are also able to use financial aid to cover the international component.

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Trip Requirements
For cross-cultural credit, a trip must allow for at least 7 days in one culture not counting travel time. The faculty member must be able to show at least 45 hours of cultural interaction as part of the itinerary. Trips under three weeks can receive one hour of cross-cultural experience credit (GNST 251); trips between three weeks and two months can possibly receive two hours of cross-cultural experience credit (GNST 252); trips over two months to a full semester can possibly receive up to three hours of cross-cultural credit (GNST 253). Additional academic courses can be designed by the faculty member(s) for the trip. They can be on-campus courses that are adapted to the trip environment and itinerary, or they can be courses created specifically just for the trip. Standard requirements allow for shorter trips under 10 days to include one additional three-hour course for a total of 4 credit hours, while trips over 10 days may include up to seven hours of credit.

Image for Propose Trip page Trips can take place during winter break, spring break or during any of the three summer sessions. The administration requires that faculty members do not plan for students to miss regular class time or exams for early departure. Summer trips must be planned during one of the three sessions and must not cross over into more than one session unless the length of the trip requires it.

Other requirements and recommendations will be explained during the proposal process.

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Proposal Deadlines
The Global Perspectives Committee (GPC) accepts proposals for trips at any point during the year, but faculty members are encouraged to submit proposals during the beginning of the fall semester to allow time for recruiting students. The GPC meets during the months of September, October, November, February, and April; proposals should be submitted by posted deadlines toward the end of the previous month to be reviewed during the next month’s meeting.

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Once every step of your proposal has been completed (by the appropriate deadline), your proposal will be sent in its entirety to the applicable Department Chair(s) and Dean(s) before submission to the Global Perspectives Committee. After the GPC meeting you will receive notification from the Global Perspectives office regarding approval for your trip as well as the next steps in the process.

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